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Probate House Program at work!

My Mom’s Beloved House!!

My name is Susan, I am a 56-year-old woman who resided in the suburbs of Chicago area, and my mother recently passed and the whole estate settlement process was overwhelming because of the distance, trying to manage my career responsibilities and tend to her own family.  I consider myself to be organized person and planned for her mother’s estate in a pro-active manner.  There were so many task to manage, such as the estate assets and liquidating my mother house and distributing all of my mom’s personal effect was a huge challenge and I needed a trusted local representative to assist me. 

A realtor referred my to Ken and the phone conversation began in a very cautious manner because of my personal privacy concerns and wanted to validate his team’s professionalism.  The conversation evolved and we share more details and Ken and his team committed to do some preliminary legwork to profile my mom’s house.  I introduced him to my mom’s trusted neighbor who could provide access to the property and provide insight about the house and neighborhood. 

Professionalism, honesty and integrity was high on my list of priorities and each task they perform was a test to validate their followed up, I wanted accurate information and they provided the details in reporting, process steps and connection to necessary professionals to assist in prudent next steps. 

I was the successive trustee of her Mom’s Family Trust and was authorized to sign and execute the transactional contract.  They provide me with a conceptional proposal that was supported by market research for the property valuation, house inspections and the transactional process steps to compete the transaction.  The final contract was prepared and I remotely signed via digital signature service.

In addition, Ken vast knowledge of the transportation and logistics industry made it seamless for all the “personal-effect” keepsakes that I wanted to be packed/crated and distributed to myself and family member located around the country.  Furniture and other fragile items were crated by a local vendor and shipped direct.  All the personal effects were boxed and palletized and shipped to a motor freight carrier close to my home where it was setup for a “will-call” pick-up and he coordinated with a local cartage company to pick up and deliver to my public storage facility.  All the other items that were identified as charitable donations were delivered to the donation center with the receipts imaged and electronically sent to me. 

The house was broom clean and photos were taken to validate the condition.  My Mother’s neighbor had monitored the process and their professionalism was quickly validated!

45 days was our start to finish and they have my personal gratitude for making a dreaded process into a coordinated motion! They exceeded my expectations!!

Susan, Arlington Heights, IL

We buy Divorce Properties – New Start Program at work!

Hello! I am new to this testimonial process, my names is Silvia and I live in Selah which is located in the Yakima Valley and I am a 34-year-old woman who was 4 months pregnant and I had to confront the reality that my 4-year marriage had ended and I had to managed all the life change events ahead of me. The house was been purchased by both myself and my ex-husband and it was in the process of being rehabbed and we estimated that 30% was yet to be completed.  I was behind on my house payments of about 3 months and had no resource to complete the rehab project to make MSL ready.  How quickly things can change and so very easy to give up.  My salary alone could not cover the monthly mortgage and I was running out of time, but I wanted to explore all my options before thing would get worse.

Ken helped my navigate the process, we craft hand written a proposal contract that outline the following;

  • He demonstrated his knowledge with his real estate marketing tools to determine After Repair Value (ARV) and our his Rehab software that would itemize the necessary repairs and upgrades to to illustrate with clarity the contract mechanics.
  • He provide specific comparable to validate the current market in a detail report that was beyond any realtor’s CMA.
  • They would take over my existing mortgage and utilities payments and it would be managed by a 3rd party escrow company to ensure prompt payments were being posted.
  • They would catch up my back payments with current lender so I could begin the process of rebuilding my credit history.
  • They found an adorable 2-bedroom house that fit my needs perfectly and was close to my employment as a hair stylist a local salon.
  • They even helped me move my furniture and household items into my new home they found me and got me situated
  • Incredibly, they provided me with some transitional cash!!
  • They completed the renovation and sold my house in less than 6 Months and paid off the existing mortgage.

The contract was executed by a licensed attorney, escrow was initiated to manage the cash disbursement.  

Just love my new home!

Start to finish it took 30 Days! The burden of the stress from every direction had me depressed and Ken and his team were amazing! I was so blessed that my neighbor introduce me to Ken. Now, my whole outlook about the future is filled with hope! It was so easy to say yes to his request if I could give him, his team and network of friends a recommendation!! They restored my faith in humanity!! A HUGE THANK YOU!!

Silvia – Selah, Washington

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